Temple of the White Rose

Earth is our shared family, & all that comes from Nature offers deep connection & medicine for each one of us.

As symbolized by the Rose’s bloom, with nourishing soils, we may each radiate the authentic spirits of our hearts. Aligning health practices with Nature’s rhythms may help us return to our own truest nature. Reconnecting with ancestral Earth wisdom, grounded by Sacred Activism, anchors & guides our choices in everything we do.

Grow, Nourish, & Blossom your own (symbolic or manifest) Rose Temple through:

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We are Nature. When we recognize & nurture our connection to the Earth as the ultimate Mother, our own truest Nature comes into fruition: we’re healthier & more embodied as who we want to be. Life itself becomes fuller in every dimension when we see our environments as living relationships, as real as our closest ones.

All ecosystems may benefit from individuals’ reconnections to the planet. When we shift how we relate to the world around us, we can impact ripple effects of change. Humanity’s relationship with the planet is at a pivotal crux; Mother Earth invites you now to know the depth, medicine & wonder of all she truly offers.

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Holistic Health

Lifestyles to feel Alive

Beginning with anchoring into the body-mind connection, we elevate our physical senses to help make health practices like intuitive eating & movement flow more naturally as part of our daily lifestyles.

Nourishing Nutrition

Receive guidance & support to realize your holistic health visions with personalized nutrition recommendations, under the lenses of integrative health, Ayurveda, & eco-sustainability.

Multi-Dimensional Medicine

Reset + revitalize layers of your mind, spirit, & emotional systems in order to embrace next-level sovereignty in your mental, physical & energetic health.

Blossom through

All Matters of Spirit

This precious life is like one big ceremony– & you are your own greatest healer who gets to design every part of it. In our own hearts, we each know our personal Truths, which are individually unique. However, it can be too easy to misplace our internal compasses in order to effectively navigate the world in alignment with who we really are.

Through compassionate guidance, vibrational therapy techniques, & the practice of ritual, you are warmly invited to rediscover your personal Temple & reclaim your Crown within.

Wisdom of the

White Rose

Across ancient traditions, the White Rose has been associated with the Heart Center (Anahata Heart Chakra). The Temple of the White Rose is founded upon the related elements of limitless love & purified peace. The blossom’s beauty, however, can only grow when effectively protected by its thorns; a recognition of the duality in our earthly realities.

By balancing compassion with discernment in alignment with our own personal Truths, we each can nourish the Sacred Rose Garden in our Hearts, Minds & Souls.

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Temple of the White Rose is a collective of dreamers, seekers, advocates, & creators. Our growing community is anchored with the intention of empowering ourselves + each other, embodying our unique sovereignty. From there, we collaborate in co-creating the world we wish to live in, through regenerative action.
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