Lights, Music, Show Time!

During my first two years at the University of Oregon, I experimented running an LLC organization with one mission: to produce the most unique and fun parties of Eugene’s college scene.

Perhaps it is the network I am connected in, the atmosphere of a college party town, or even the major cultural trends in my generation, but I have met an overwhelming number of people my age want to work in live events. From sound engineering, to light production, to talent and promoters, there is a wide variety of folks that are actively engaged in the underground music sector.

As a fellow millennial with a dream of working in PR and marketing for music festivals, Eugene quickly became a communal think-tank for many others and myself. We were faced with the question: how can we forge our way to these dream careers with limited resources and opportunities?

The answer: start a name for ourselves by throwing the most memorable college parties. A team of four of us banded together to create “Festuuvle,” an all-service party production LLC here to meet your get-together’s needs.


Unique art displays, bright lights, fog machines, talented live music, sound equipment, promotion, set up and security were all a part of the package. For the most part, everything came together through a communal desire to share an incredible experience.


Profit wasn’t our motivation; gaining the skill was. Individuals freely contributed their own equipment and resources to produce these parties together. We anticipated that once our brand became more established, we could consider seeking compensation. However, like many other first attempts, Festuuvle didn’t manifest into our wildest dreams. Needless to say, it was a remarkably fun way to learn about the obstacles, errors and tactics needed to make an independent organization successful.

Not only did we discover what it meant to truly put on a memorable live event, but we also understood a little bit more about each one of us. To recognize how we each work in a team and what roles we instinctively take on provides invaluable information that has prepared us all for our future careers. I can’t think of many better ways to learn about which professional work roles and paths might be better for you than experiencing them first-hand.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and chase your dreams. For me, this was the first step into a much longer journey, and has further ignited the spark to pursue music production. I couldn’t be more grateful for the insights I’ve gained.