Energetic Hygiene: Grounding Practices

This super candid & slightly silly walk-through of ✨Grounding✨ offers 3 tips + practices to help anchor yourself in what’s real, safe, & true. We go over:🔹 The “I Spy” Game🔹 “Earthing” Exercise🔹 Cedar Brushing My intention is that these messages & tools can help each of us return to our senses of center. TheseContinue reading “Energetic Hygiene: Grounding Practices”

7 Plant Allies to Clear your Auric Field

As part of a series on Energetic Hygiene, practices to help clear your auric field & return to center, this video offers insight on ✨smudging✨. Smudging is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to release any unwanted energies attached to people, objects or places. Here, we explore 7 different natural tools youContinue reading “7 Plant Allies to Clear your Auric Field”