7 Plant Allies to Clear your Auric Field

As part of a series on Energetic Hygiene, practices to help clear your auric field & return to center, this video offers insight on ✨smudging✨.

Smudging is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to release any unwanted energies attached to people, objects or places.

Here, we explore 7 different natural tools you can smudge with & how they uniquely can support you on your personal journey:
🔹White Sage (& Why you should be mindful to not use this plant)
🔹Palo Santo (@sacredwoodessence is my recommended sustainable source)
🔹Nag Champa Incense

May these practices serve you in returning to your highest vibrational point of being, grounded in your authentic truth. 🙏 Wishing you all peace of heart, body & mind 🕊️

Watch now on IGTV

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