Crystal Claire


Her whole life, Claire has experienced significant energetic sensitivity as a clairsentient empath. At 23, she is now elated to have found communities in Toren Collective and Spirit in Transition to aid her in applying these natural qualities and create profound healing for herself and others.

Claire currently is passionately training her other senses, including Reiki and mediumship. She works closely with angelic guides and at this time, she is enthusiastic to offer guidance through oracle cards, tarot, palmistry, numerology, and astrology readings.

While Claire is well-versed with a diversity of ideologies, she is most closely studying the Western Hermetic Qabalah, Red Left Hand Tantra, and select New-Age philosophies, including the teachings of the Mystery Schools at this time. In her offerings, she incorporates insights from various paths as appropriate, such as wisdom from Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism. On an energetic level, Claire seeks to learn from as many Ascended Masters as her journey calls her to.

She is motivated to fulfill her dreams of becoming a holistic spiritual counselor, serving individuals and communities with intuitive healing. Her life mantra of “making the world better than how I found it,” no matter how big or small of an impact, drives her daily decisions in everything she dedicates herself to. All in all, she purely seeks to help inspire more love, joy, and light in our world.

Claire aligns her higher values with the business world by incorporating mindful public relations and human resource practices into her freelance career. You can learn more about her professional talents and projects on her digital portfolio.

Claire is currently working on the Ascending Masters Council as a Marketing Director for Toren Collective as she trains her sentient skills. While she provides freelance PR support, she is excited to expand her spiritual senses by offering intuitive readings. Stay in touch; Claire invites you to connect with her on Instagram and the Toren Collective Facebook Group.