Crystal Claire


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My name is Crystal Claire; Rose Priestess, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Intuitive Guide. I am a student of life, devoted to anchoring the Codes of Truth in our world in order to ultimately help empower the individual & collective.

Clarity, to me, feels like deep knowing & divine wisdom grounded in sovereignty. It is the sense of a clear internal compass, guiding one to their manifestations of peace, joy, & fulfillment. All areas of our lives– health, happiness, home– may benefit from the clarity that ritual, community & authentic connection brings.

As a Priestess of The Rose Lineage, I am passionate about harmonizing compassion & justice in our world so all beings may know the true freedom inherent within life itself. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am committed to anchoring this sense of freedom into our physical realms, grounded in both our bodies & environments through guidance that takes a holistic perspective.



My whole life, I have experienced significant energetic sensitivity as a clairsentient empath. I began studying palmistry & Western astrology in 2009, which led to deeper understandings of numerology, energy work & the paranormal.

While well-versed with a diversity of ideologies, I am most closely studying the Venusian Rose Tantric Temple Arts, the Western Hermetic Qabalah through the Modern Mystery School, Earth Medicine wisdom with Cacao Mama, & Norse + Celtic Shamanism.

I have studied closely with a wide range of trained guides, including Shona KeeliMatthew Koren, Kriyanna Elumen, Eda Zavala Lopez, Serap Kara, Emma Downie, Amyann Faul, Beth Astarte, Diana Byrnes, & Warren Billington.

Further, I have been studying holistic health with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, plant medicine facilitation with The Goddess Project, sacred Cacao ceremonialist traditions with Cacao Mama, all while developing my sound vibrational therapy practice & herbalism skills. I intend to share this knowledge as appropriate in order to ground intuitive guidance with tangible, natural solutions & transformative experiences.


An added dimension: I have been a social & environmental justice activist since I was 14. This journey began by leading a mental health awareness initiative at my high school, evolving into a devotion to sexual violence prevention & education throughout college. In 2015, I was elected as the University of Oregon’s student body Vice President, representing & serving the needs of more than 24,000 students on both local & federal levels.

In December 2019, I co-founded & produced the event, Peace for Amazonia, which was an intimate music & community festival experience at the Lloyd Center, Portland’s central mall. With bare minimal resources, we raised $1,000 for the Dessana Institute in Brazil in order to help preserve the Amazon Rainforest & support its indigenous communities.

Since then, I have devoted my available time & skills to offer communication + resource organizing support to local Black Lives Matter mutual aid funds & Indigenous Rights nonprofits.


Today, I harmonize these experiences by advocating for & helping to facilitate the healing of our collective world. My training as a peer, conflict mediation, trauma & cultural awareness counselor informs every offering I provide. Within this, I first + foremost consider myself a “student of life”, & I am committed to learning in this realm deeper every day.

I am currently practicing as a holistic health & wellness guide, serving individuals & communities with intuitive support. My life’s North Star of “leaving the world better than how I found it,” no matter how big or small of an impact, drives my daily decisions in everything I do.

All in all, I intend to help share more love, joy, & harmony in our world. Thank you for being a part of it, & I wish the purest clarity to you, wherever you are on your life’s journey.

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