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White Rose Collective

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The White Rose Collective is a community of advocates, creators & dreamers.

Our free Facebook group is an inclusive online community for exploration into all things holistic health, earth connection & spirituality. Here, we exchange skills + resources, & share compassionate dialogue.

Please feel welcome to join!

Gaia Guardians

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Being in service to the health & healing of the natural world is a lifelong journey– & it can be most effective when we do it together.

In this free introductory initiation into Sacred Activism, you’ll receive 7 weeks of foundational lessons in Gaia Guardianship delivered to your email inbox. You’ll also be welcomed into our Gaia Guardianship online community, where we discuss, inspire & collaborate to help restore the Earth to natural harmony.

Regenerating Roots

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Our commitment to helping the planet heal is founded upon empowering & uplifting Indigenous communities around the world – the original Gaia Guardians of our planet.

Regenerating Roots is a (pending non-profit) organization devoted to supporting Indigenous Wisdom Keepers by allocating reparations via appropriate resources & funds, while also raising educational awareness of Indigenous + environmentalism causes.

Learn about our current projects & get involved:

Temple Keepers

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Temple of the White Rose warmly welcomes those who authentically share our intentions, vision, values, & integrity to join us in this sacred service.

Are you:

  • Actively sharing your unique gifts with the world, with the sincere intention of helping others and/or the planet?
  • A trauma-informed, culturally-competent space-holder?
  • Seeking a community network of conscious collaborators to mutually inspire, support, & create alongside?

We’d love to connect with you!

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