Partner Network

The following leaders, advocates, guides & creators are friends of Temple of the White Rose: they share our values + intentions, while contributing their own unique sacred service to shared communities. Each one of these talented humans actively cares for the well-being of all life & the planet we share. You may see these folks add their special flair to Temple of the White Rose or Regenerative Roots offerings!

Check out what gifts everyone has to offer, & if you’re interested joining our network of partners + collaborators, read on below!

Lil Peep the Duck

Inner Child Inspiration

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Avalon the Cat

Priestess Pussy

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Want to create with us?

We’re open to all forms of contributions– however you may feel inspired to share.

We are especially calling in guides who are trained & experienced in offering support within the following realms (but are not limited to):

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Natural Remedies
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Regenerative, Culturally Conscious Permaculture
  • Environmental Preservation & Restoration
What Temple Membership Includes
  • Collaborators are publicly featured & credited for their contributions with generous gratitude & support.
  • Contributors are compensated for applicable services or products, with the option of donating partial proceeds to Regenerative Roots or an organization of their choice.
  • Additionally, contributors are welcomed into a private collective where their skills & growth are mutually uplifted + supported by fellow guides that share our intentions.
  • Their perspectives on how Temple of the White Rose can best be managed, improved & expanded are graciously encouraged + appreciated, as contributors are honored as our community leaders.
  • When Temple of the White Rose establishes a physical location (visualize a multi-acre retreat center), Temple Keepers are prioritized as visionaries, executives & community delegates.
  • There is no expectation or requirement for frequency of contributions– folks can create & share within the Temple space whenever // however they may be inspired, yet the community connection + support may lovingly remain lifelong.
  • & Just to ensure clarity, this membership all completely free to join!
Does this resonate for you? We’d love to connect with you & see if this opportunity may be in alignment!