Holistic Health

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Our Bodies are breathing blueprints of Nature

Ecosystems of cells make up every function of our bodies, & the wisdom inherent within them is far more advanced than many modern perspectives recognize. By tuning into the natural wisdoms inherent in our bodies & whole foods, we may feel more aligned with our emotions, lifestyles & environments.

Food is medicine, & when we nurture ourselves with what’s uniquely good for each individual, all areas of our lives may benefit. The following offerings are anchored in empowering you to heal + deepen your relationships with your body, food, & holistic sources of nourishment.

We’re going beyond societal conditionings of “health.” Here, we’re returning to our truest natures, based on each person’s intentions + bio-individuality. Your body is your most sacred space. May we all be empowered to honor & enjoy each of ours to the fullest.

Quantum Cleanse:
Reset & Vitalize your Physical + Auric Bodies

For 4 months, we scale the Hermetic Qabalah Tree of Life, a model that guides us through holistically detoxing & nurturing all dimensions of our lives.

We spend 2 weeks anchored in each of the 7 main chakras, uniquely structured through 1:1 personalized nutrition, mental & spiritual wellness support. Nourish your Roots; Reclaim your Crown.

Our health is a gift; it allows us freedom, clarity, & growth in countless ways (bodily + energetically). By cleansing all areas of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, environmental– we can embody the livelihoods that align with our most authentic, empowered selves.

Elemental Foundations: Balance Your Nature

Each of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) relate to parts of our physical bodies & nature. By forming a living relationship with our food & the natural elements, we are able to feel more wholly connected with ourselves.

This self-paced, online journey guides you through applying the 4 elements to holistically cleanse + nourish your physical, mental, & emotional bodies. We take an Ayurvedic & eco-sustainable perspective to balance our internal & external worlds on multiple levels. You’ll complete feeling more centered in your holistic presence.

Food Sovereignty: Start Your Garden

This 5-week, self-paced online course walks you through the foundations of growing a garden, applicable whether you have an apartment, backyard, or acreage.

Featuring guest specialists in permaculture, mycology, & evolutionary farming techniques, you’ll receive a breadth of knowledge to support you in growing your own fresh food.

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