Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance sessions go beyond the typical card reading– Crystal Claire incorporates multiple modalities to help ensure that recipients walk away with the personalized support, inspiration & clarity they need.

Cards, Runes, Astrology

Receive insights from 12+ Oracle Card Decks, 3 Tarot Decks, Nordic Runes & Western Astrology– or all of the above.

Channeled Guidance

Safe & sacred space is set beforehand to ensure messages are channeled with recipient’s highest interests prioritized.

Written Synthesis

After the session, recipients get a written recap summarizing key insights & findings from the session, including recommended resources to continue the journey with.


Intuitive Guidance sessions are 1:1 focused attention, typically lasting between 1.5-2 hours. Written summaries may take up to an additional 1 hour after to complete. For this energetic exchange, we ask for a $111-155 sliding scale investment.
Payment plans & work-trade exchanges are available.

Book your Intuitive Guidance Session

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