Vibrational Therapy

Everything is Vibration. The key is returning to Harmony.

At the atomic levels, we– & everything around us– is based on a frequency. These frequencies can shift & adjust to our intentions

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Energetic Surgery

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Sound Bathing

Crystal Bowls, Singing Merkaba. Can be in partnership with other practitioners

Targeted Therapy

Using Solfeggio Tuning Forks


These therapeutic sessions typically last 1-3 hours, based on what is included.

  • Tier 1: 1:1 Reiki = $80-100 sliding scale for 1 hr
  • Tier 2: + Sound bath = $140-180 for 2 hr
  • Tier 3: + Plant Medicine with some to take home (private ceremony) = Add + $5-25 per recipient depending on medicine
  • Tier 4: + Additional Practitioners = $80/hr per each additional practitioner
  • Tier 5: + Reiki Circle Additional Recipient = $50/hr

Payment plans, work exchanges, & subscription plans are available.

Book your Vibrational Therapy session

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