Experience the grounding energy and unique magnetic properties of Crystal Clarity’s Hematite Magnetic Tumbled Stones. This 1 lb bag of polished stones combines natural beauty with powerful spiritual benefits, making it a fantastic addition to any crystal collection or spiritual practice.

Hematite, known for its strong grounding and protective properties, is a perfect stone for those seeking balance and clarity. Its metallic sheen and weighty presence serve as a physical reminder to stay grounded and focused, making these stones excellent aids for meditation or stress relief. Additionally, Hematite is believed to absorb negative energy and create a calm atmosphere, helping you navigate life with a sense of tranquility.

These Hematite Tumbled Stones also possess magnetic properties, adding a tangible, interactive element that sets them apart from other crystals. This makes them not only beneficial for spiritual practices but also an engaging educational tool or tactile stress reliever.

Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual benefits of Hematite, its magnetic properties, or simply its natural beauty, these Magnetic Hematite Tumbled Stones from Crystal Clarity provide a unique and valuable addition to any collection.

Please note: As Hematite is a natural stone, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in appearance.

Explore the grounding, protective energy of Crystal Clarity’s Hematite Magnetic Tumbled Stones. Order your set today and embrace the powerful energy they bring.

Weight 1.40 lbs


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