Enhance your spiritual practices with the Crystal Clarity 3″ Black Tourmaline Altar Tile. This beautifully crafted tile, made from genuine black tourmaline, serves as a powerful tool for grounding and protection during rituals and meditations.

Each altar tile measures 3 inches and is composed of black tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone known for its protective and grounding properties. The tile’s polished surface and raw, natural edges create a balance between refined elegance and earthy authenticity.

Black tourmaline is considered a powerful stone in metaphysical circles, believed to repel negative energies and foster a calm, centered state of mind. This makes it an ideal centerpiece for your altar or a powerful addition to your crystal collection.

The Crystal Clarity Black Tourmaline Altar Tile can be used in various spiritual practices, including meditation, energy work, and ritual magic. Whether you are setting an intention, seeking protection, or grounding your energy, this altar tile is a practical and symbolic tool to assist in your journey.

Please note: As black tourmaline is a natural stone, each altar tile is unique and may have slight variations in color, pattern, and size.

Weight 0.30 lbs


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