Bring a touch of magic to your outdoor or indoor space with the Crystal Clarity Pentagram Wind Chime. This enchanting wind chime combines aesthetic appeal with symbolic resonance, making it a perfect addition to your home, garden, or sacred space.

The Pentagram Wind Chime measures 5 inches and features a beautiful, intricately designed pentagram centerpiece. Hanging from the pentagram are five delightful chimes that produce a gentle, soothing sound with the breeze. The chimes are accompanied by a cascade of beads, enhancing the wind chime’s visual appeal and adding an element of whimsy.

The pentagram, a symbol of the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, is often used in spiritual practices for protection and balance. As such, this wind chime serves as a beautiful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and the harmony of the elements.

Whether you’re a practitioner of the mystical arts or simply appreciate beautiful and meaningful decor, the Crystal Clarity Pentagram Wind Chime is a delightful addition to your space. Enjoy the serene sounds and the magical symbolism this wind chime brings to your surroundings.

Weight 0.40 lbs


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