Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Crystal Clarity’s Magnetic Hematite Balls. This set of 20, 1-inch balls (10 pairs), offers a unique combination of natural beauty and captivating interaction that can enhance both your spiritual practice and your sense of tactile engagement.

Hematite, known for its grounding and balancing energy, is a powerful ally for those seeking to bring harmony to their mind, body, and spirit. These magnetic hematite balls can help absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. This makes them a perfect tool for meditation, grounding, and stress relief.

The magnetic nature of these hematite balls adds an extra layer of interaction and enjoyment. They can be used as a tactile tool for stress relief, as their smooth surfaces and gentle magnetic pull provide a satisfying sensory experience. They are also a fascinating addition to educational settings, demonstrating the principles of magnetism in a tangible and engaging way.

Whether you’re drawn to their spiritual properties, their tactile appeal, or their educational value, these Magnetic Hematite Balls make a unique addition to any collection.

Please note: As hematite is a natural stone, each ball is unique and may vary slightly in appearance.

Explore the grounding and balancing energy of Crystal Clarity’s Magnetic Hematite Balls. Order your set today and embrace the powerful, interactive energy they bring.

Weight 2.20 lbs


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