Cosmic Oasis is available for healers, counselors, teachers, and artists to share our temple space and event lounge. Learn about the folks currently offering their gifts at Cosmic Oasis, and feel invited to reach out if you’d like to contribute your own, as well!


Meet our Healers

headshotClaire is available for intuitive readings, including those incorporating cards, astrology, palmistry, numerology and crystals. In addition, she is grateful for any opportunities to practice reiki and mediumship. She is enthusiastic to host gatherings alongside you, such as moon ceremonies and guided meditations!

Learn more about her offerings and be sure to connect with Claire if you have any questions or inquiries about Cosmic Oasis!



KriyannaFeyaloveKriyanna Feyalove Elumen is the founder and owner of Toren Collective. She is an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition, an ecstatic, and a powerful channel of Modern Tantra. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and Tantric Qabalah. She combines these lineage teachings to create a unique experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, lasting transformation.

Learn more about Kriyanna and Toren Collective here, and be sure to check out their next Cosmic Oasis event!



MahkahMahkah Elumen is 500+ hour certified Hatha yoga teacher and Reiki Master. He has in depth training with master Yoga teachers such as, Noah Mazé, Darren Rhodes, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Bhagavan Das, and Michael Stirling. Mahkah is here to assist in the awakening of all who ask for assistance to embrace ultimate healing, transformation, and freedom.

Learn more about Kriyanna and Toren Collective here, and be sure to check out their next Cosmic Oasis event!


See our Artists


Currently on display at Cosmic Oasis are prints by Nikki McClure. Nikki is from Olympia, Washington and her art is deeply inspired by nature around her. In fact, these prints are made on recycled paper with soy ink. The original images are cut from black paper with an X-Acto knife. She collaborates often with her husband, Jay T. Scott, a fine woodworker, to create lamps and furniture, as well as daily walks as McClure & Scott Manufacturing.