Temple of the White Rose is founded upon

a commitment to integrity: genuinely walking the path of love, harmony, & grace. We nurture our communities through compassionate support, grounded in authentic connection & devotion to inclusivity.

We believe in generous distribution of resources in order to healthily empower individuals, communities & the earth. By forming trustful alliances with diverse medicine + wisdom keepers through equitable elevation, it is possible to collectively catalyze restorative change in our world – for the benefit of the planet & all her living beings.

All proceeds from Temple of the White Rose directly support:
  • Nonprofits + mutual aid funds supporting Indigenous & BIPOC communities
  • Peace for Amazonia, our in-house organization devoted to supporting Indigenous communities of the Amazon
  • Creating cost-benefit equilibrium for service resources invested in & shared
  • Temple Keepers in exchange for their service contributions
  • Funding for a future physical Temple space where more advanced services may be offered

We warmly welcome you to connect with our temple community. We are always grateful to share more opportunities to grow, align, & heal together.
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