Temple Keepers

Our contributors are skilled & experienced in their own unique ways, adding valuable wisdom + offerings to Temple of the White Rose. We are mutually supportive of each other’s forms of service, because we share a vision in co-creating a better world for all.

Lil Peep the Duck

Inner Child Inspiration

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Avalon the Cat

Priestess Pussy

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Want to create with us?

We’re open to all forms of contributions– however you may feel inspired to share.

We are especially calling in guides who are trained & experienced in offering support within the following realms:

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Natural Remedies
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Regenerative Permaculture
  • Environmental Preservation & Restoration
What Partnership Includes
  • Collaborators are publicly featured & credited for their contributions with generous gratitude & support.
  • Temple Keepers are compensated for applicable services or products, with the option of donating partial proceeds to Regenerative Roots or an organization of their choice.
  • Additionally, Temple Keepers are welcomed into a private collective where their skills & growth are mutually uplifted + supported by fellow guides that share our intentions.
  • Their perspectives on how Temple of the White Rose can best be managed, improved & expanded are graciously encouraged + appreciated, as contributors are honored as our community leaders.
  • When Temple of the White Rose establishes a physical location (visualize a multi-acre retreat center), Temple Keepers are prioritized as visionaries, executives & community delegates.
  • There is no expectation or requirement for frequency of contributions– Temple Keepers can create & share within the Temple space whenever // however they may be inspired, yet the community connection + support may lovingly remain lifelong.
Does this resonate for you? We’d love to connect with you & see if this opportunity may be in alignment!