Crystal jewelry is one of the easiest and most stylish ways to incorporate healing crystal energies into daily life, helping individuals amplify their intentions and meet their goals more easily.

From agate bracelets to clear quartz cylinders, this Indigenously owned shop has everything you need for your crystal arsenal. Find gemstones that promote healing, manifestation and leadership; as well as unique statuary like feather smudgers made from ocean jasper.

House of Intuition

House of Intuition was founded by Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas in 2010 to create an inclusive spiritual community; now there are nine locations worldwide. They sell affirmation candles that promote prosperity as well as zodiac magic candles to celebrate your zodiac sign.

Their best-selling gifts include the Self Love Box, which provides tools and trinkets designed to promote self-love. Also popular is the Creativity Box, which will help tap into your inner creativity through tools like Creativity Magic Candle, Sun Matches and Manifestation Magic Dusting Powder – plus, their stone stimulates the Throat Chakra which encourages people to express their opinions with pride while simultaneously improving communication, trust and self-reflection.

Spirit Nectar Gems

With an emphasis on carefully selected crystals, this Black woman-owned shop provides all of the essentials you need for healing journey. They carry everything from raw crystals and tumbled gemstones, plus starter sets carefully designed to bring love and prosperity.

Marti and her team source stones from Madagascar, Indonesia and Namibia — each piece carefully reviewed by specialists. In keeping with their commitment to ethical sourcing practices and social causes such as reforestation projects in these regions. With rare gems like blue aragonite and moldavite along with more common varieties like amethyst and citrine to choose from – don’t miss this fantastic jewelry brand!

Peach and Pixie

Peach and Pixie is an African-women-owned small business offering everything from raw gems and jewelry to charging plates and charging plates, Peach and Pixie stands out among vendors as a premier vendor. Shop curated crystal bundles such as this Mercury Retrograde bundle featuring palm stones, rose quartz crystals and full moon meditation albums; healing stone sets like this selenite set are ideal for clearing emotional, spiritual or physical energy blocks; browse this top-rated vendor.

This magical store founded and curated by a practicing Wiccan witch offers an impressive selection of crystal clusters, such as pink Kunzite which is known for its soft loving aura; Citrine for abundance; and Smoky Quartz which helps relieve stress. Furthermore, their apothecary provides information regarding each crystal’s country of origin and mining practice so you can have confidence in ethical purchases.

Energy Muse

Energy Muse was founded by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, two best friends who wanted to make crystal healing accessible for their community of fans. Through their designs featuring lifestyle healing stones such as turquoise and jasper, they reach people such as actors, professional athletes and CEOs whose well-being they enhance using jewelry from Energy Muse.

When choosing a stone, choose one that stirs you. That feeling can be taken as an intuitive indicator that its energy matches what you require at that moment. Ocean jasper is an uplifting crystal known for promoting emotional and spiritual healing through its joyful energy; its balancing properties make it an essential addition to anyone’s collection. Also referred to as “cellular jasper,” ocean jasper works from within out to heal our bodies on multiple levels.