If you are new to crystals or looking to deepen your understanding, here are my recommended guides and books that offer invaluable information on incorporating crystals into daily life.

Each book provides easy-to-understand information about crystals and their various colors, chakras, planets, elements, zodiac signs and numerological associations.

Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

This intuitive and accessible crystal guide offers the ideal introduction to healing with crystals. Each crystal gets its own spread with an easy-to-read explanation of its color, chakra connection, origin, magical healing properties and cleaning tips – offering everything you need to start healing today!

From clearing negative energy to increasing focus, this book covers it all. Plus it includes easy-to-follow rituals, meditations, and self-care routines designed to calm the mind and boost energy. And with dreamy cover designs and beautiful photography – this crystal book will become part of your everyday rituals!

Crystals for Positive Manifestation

Crystals can be an effective means of manifesting goals and intentions. By selecting an appropriate crystal, cleansing it, charging it, and setting an intention while holding it, you can bring positive energy into your life.

Leavy recommends rainbow fluorite as an excellent tool for manifesting, as it helps us avoid negativity that can obstruct the way to our goals. She also suggests carnelian as an orange crystal which fosters passion and motivation towards new endeavors.

Green aventurine crystals have long been thought to promote prosperity and good luck, while amethyst supports spiritual development and intuition. Rose quartz can help manifest love while clear quartz amplifies other crystals’ energies as well as your intentions during meditation or visualisation practices.

Crystals for Angel Communication

Angel crystals provide you with an avenue for communicating with your guardian angels and spirit guides. Place one on your altar during prayer or meditation to amplify your intentions or hold it in your hand as you ask an angel for assistance and guidance.

These high vibration crystals can also aid in clairaudience, helping you hear messages from angels more clearly. Furthermore, they may increase synchronicities or coincidences that appear.

Some crystals, such as opal and lilac lepidolite, can help attract angels directly. You could use these stones as part of your prayerful request for help and guidance from specific archangels like Jophiel or Michael. Many come complete with their respective angel light ray colors; if unsure which crystal to select simply follow your intuition.

Crystals for Balance and Harmony

Bring crystals into your life for protection by selecting stones that correspond with your intentions. Black Tourmaline is one of the best-known protective stones, known for its ability to deflect negative energies and shield you from danger.

Unakite crystal is an invaluable aid when trying to balance your emotions. As an exceptional source of stability and strength, Unakite will help maintain a peaceful outlook while supporting spiritual development by aiding rebirthing processes.

These crystal guides and books offer all the knowledge you need to enhance your meditation practice or expand creativity, so don’t be shy: stock up on beautiful gemstones as your new best friends – just remember to cleanse and program them properly!

Crystals for Positive Energy

Crystals can boost positive energy and help you feel more balanced, grounded, and focused. Clear Quartz is often considered the ultimate healer; it amplifies positive vibes while Amethyst helps balance emotions by relieving stress while encouraging spiritual and mental clarity and focus.

Crystal grids–groupings of crystals arranged geometrically–can help you manifest specific intentions and increase vibrational frequency, as well as learn to clean and recharge crystals to keep them looking their best.

Unleash your crystal spirit with these powerful stones from millions of years ago! Plus learn how to raise vibrations in your home using simple spell jars and sage rituals.