Crystals can add a beautiful spiritual feel to any home. According to research, they can balance chakras and boost creativity and moods.

Shop online to explore a variety of options and prices, but be wary of suspiciously low prices as this could signal unethical mining or manufacturing practices.


Quartz is considered the highest quality crystal. Its purity, optical pristineity and sharply-faceted and highly polished surfaces distinguish it from all others.

Quartz consists of the two most abundant chemical elements on Earth: oxygen and silicon. Quartz is found naturally in rocks such as sandstone, while also mined for use in watches, pressure gauges, glassware, quartz sand, glass products and even pressure gauges. Furthermore, its vibrational frequencies allow its use in watch and clock oscillators.


Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz that owes its hue to natural geological processes and iron impurities. The hue ranges from light lilac to deep purple and displays color zoning – an angular arrangement of darker to lighter shades that often occurs within its formation.

Eye-clean amethyst is generally eye-pleasing; however, highly saturated raspberry colored material from Africa often includes inclusions. Such stones can be cut as cabochons or beads and undergo fracture-filling treatments in order to improve clarity.


Citrine is an extraordinarily rare gemstone in nature. The yellow to orange colors caused by trace amounts of iron are said to promote happiness and positivity while building confidence and encouraging generosity. This crystal helps us achieve wellbeing and encourages generous behaviours.

Business, trades and finances all benefit from its energy. It also inspires renewal and freshness, helps heal emotional wounds, overcomes fears and phobias and facilitate self-healing; its radiant light stimulates the Crown Chakra to facilitate spiritual development.


Tourmaline is an aluminium silicate mineral known for its range of hues due to the variety of compositions within its crystal.

Watermeon tourmaline is a multicolored elbaite variety with concentric color rings that resemble slices of watermelons. This precious gemstone makes a striking and unforgettable focal point in holistic jewelry designs.

Gemstones offer various metaphysical and healing properties associated with specific hues. Virgos especially can benefit from the energy-balancing properties of this mineral.


Hematite is an excellent way to align and ground your root chakra, relieving feelings of disorientation or anxiety.

Hematite can help stabilize blood pressure and support kidneys to flush waste out of your system, while simultaneously balancing thyroid activity and managing metabolism.

Hematite can form either sharp and lustrous tabular crystals or form into a flower-like crystal rosette several inches across, known as botryoidal or kidney ore hematite.


Make sure your crystals are authentic by reviewing photos and asking about sources up front. Reputable sellers will provide natural photographs without filters applied to each piece for sale.

Establish your intentions with aventurine by repeating affirmations, visualizing goals, and practicing gratitude. Regular cleaning and charging helps keep this gemstone wild and bright; try leaving it in moonlight or placing near plants – this stone has been said to dissipate emotional blockages while inspiring success!


Carnelian is well known for its ability to enhance motivation and enhance creativity. Additionally, it helps release negative emotions such as anger, fear, guilt and resentment while healing both emotional body and energy field.

Carefully Read Crystal Product Descriptions: Make sure your crystal seller provides extensive product details, such as photos from various angles and size references to help protect you against purchasing an imitation or counterfeit crystal. Doing this will reduce your chance of purchasing an expensive false gem!


Garnet is an exquisite gem with an amazing range of colors and variations, as evidenced by its physical properties such as refractive index, inclusions and chemical composition, in particular its absorption spectrum and color characteristics. Identification typically depends upon these physical aspects alone.

This Sri Lankan pyrope garnet has a strong absorption line at 570nm due to vanadium and chromium, creating a dark red hue when illuminated through reflection, while in transmission light the hue changes to purplish red.


Kyanite can be found both as jewelry and crystal stones. While requiring little care for maintenance purposes, periodically immersing it in running water may help recharge it and restore its vibrancy.

Kyanite can soothe the mind, encouraging deep meditation and clear communication. Additionally, its energy promotes higher guidance and enhances psychic abilities; making it an excellent natural talisman to forgive oneself or communicate with nature spirits.


Peridot may be associated with August, but its positive energies can be enjoyed year-round. Peridot has long been used in Feng Shui home decorating to bring joy, compassion, and harmony. Furthermore, its use can reduce emotional stress levels and calm the mind.

These sellers take great care in their approach to crystals sourcing, offering traceable inventory in addition to conscious sourcing practices.